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Intimacy Director & Coordinator

Robbie works with a consent-based practice to facilitate and choreograph intimate scenes for theatre, TV & film, collaboratively working with actors and directors to craft clear and creative content while helping to uphold everyone's boundaries. 

For work enquiries please contact his agent, Nia Hughes at Sara Putt Associates, by clicking here.

He has worked on productions for Netflix, HBO, Disney, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Apple TV. See his experience in TV & Film here

Robbie was trained by Intimacy for Stage and Screen (ISS). His training included rigorous consent based practice, honing communication skills, detailed and practical choreography techniques, understanding of modesty garments, documentation processes, conversations with guest speakers, and much more. 


He advocates for best industry practice relating to Intimacy Coordination as the Chair of the Committee of the Intimacy Coordinator Branch of the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (BECTU). 

Robbie has undertaken awareness training in:

Sexual Harassment

Bullying and Harassment 

Unconscious Bias

LGBTQIA+ Awareness

Bystander Intervention

He's a trained Mental Health First Aider. 


He's a trained voluntary facilitator with the charity Beyond Equality, running workshops for young men and boys about masculinity, mental health, consent, homophobia, and gender-based violence. 


He's a founding member of Intimacy Coordinators Aotearoa, providing Intimacy Direction and Coordination services in his home country. 

He's been trained in unarmed combat, rapier & dagger, and broadsword by the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, and undertook movement training with Frantic Assembly.

He's attended specialist courses and talks on:
Muslim Masculinities with Beyond Equality
Tudor Costuming & Intimacy with Moving Body Arts
Intimacy & Auditions with IDC

The Drama Spiral with Dr. Clark Baim & Moving Body Arts

Working with Visually Impaired Actors at the Young Vic
Intimacy and Minors with IDC

Listen here: Robbie speaking to Radio New Zealand about Intimacy Coordination.



Robbie brought a level of professionalism to the production which I hugely appreciated and I feel artistically that together we were able to achieve exactly what the director needed. I haven’t stopped singing his praises since the shoot, he was an absolute life saver.

Robbie made me feel so comfortable when I had to do my first sex scene on screen. I felt alleviated of any anxieties I held after talking to him. It really made me feel safe to change my mind or voice any opinions or worries I had. He allowed me to feel confident in talking to the Director about the scene. He also reminded us of some technicalities of how things can look more realistic. I couldn't recommend Robbie enough.


Robbie was an absolute joy to work with on set. I was really nervous about the intimate scene where I'd be doing my first ever on-screen "make out". Robbie was really professional, and made the entire experience very smooth-sailing. His guidance was very much appreciated, and I'm grateful to have gained a lot of experience in a controlled, safe environment. Robbie was able to connect well with both crew and other cast, making us all feel at ease, and I loved having the opportunity to work with him!



Robbie was an absolute delight to work with. As a director who hasn't worked with an Intimacy Coordinator before he really just demonstrated how much nicer and safer it feels to have one on set. He made all of the cast (and me) feel very comfortable and approached all the scenes very flexibly and collaboratively, I would use him again in a heartbeat.

I was primed with confidence and felt thoroughly supported from the very first meeting with Robbie. His mannerisms and techniques really encouraged great performances from the actors. They felt at ease and protected having Robbie around, and thus it made directing the scene much easier. He has a special innate way with people, in making them feel comfortable and opening up within challenging environments. He’s also both creative and practical, therefore coming up with solutions to difficult scenes. I’d love to work with Robbie again as he takes the time to understand story and characters in depth along with the actual characteristics of the actors playing those roles. Further to this, he works on a deep, conscious and professional level with all of his other experiences coming into play within his role.

Last week we got to work with the remarkable Robbie on Intimacy and it couldn't have been more ground-breaking for our process. He was integral to helping us create a foundation for our actors to feel safe.

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